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Drug Pricing Tool

Learn about the drug pricing tool.

Use the Optum Rx drug pricing tool to look up the estimated price of a medication based on pharmacies near you. This tool is only a guide; your actual costs may vary. Estimated pricing is not specific to your benefit and is not available for all medications. For the HSA Advantage Plan, these estimates are the amounts that would apply to your combined medical and pharmacy deductible (if not included on the Core Plus Preventive List). Use the Copay Advantage Plan link to see copay/coinsurance estimates for post-deductible claims.

NOTE: Specialty drugs and diabetic supplies such as needles, syringes and test strips are not available in the drug pricing search tool. Once you enroll, you can call the number on your UnitedHealthcare ID card or log on to

Copay Advantage Plan

HSA Advantage Plan